Posted by: gazaandtherightofreturn | March 8, 2009

Message from DC

Hello Blog managers, this is a little blurb about tonight’s films screening – we had a very small but enthusiastic group.  Two of them are looking into hosting more Palestinian screenings, very exciting …just wanted to get something up there 🙂 The blog looks great by the way – you guys rock!

Washington DC
Tonight there was an education and fund raising event held in DC in preparation for Ziad’s speaking event next Thursday evening at Busboys and Poets.  An enthusiastic crowd of activists watched and discussed the film Occupation 101.  Two of those in attendance committed to hosting further film screenings about the Occupation in an effort to reach more people.  Everyone agreed to invite friends and family to Ziad’s event next week.  Though the group was small they raised around $30 in support of MECA.  The event created a lot of excitement as well as renewed the commitment of those in attendance to the cause.

E. Kenyon



  1. Thanks E Kenyon! You rock! DC is definitely looking forward to the speaking tour stopping by this Thursday night.

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